Oral-Maxillofacial Surgeon and Periodontologist

Face and Smile Design

    Oral-Maxillofacial Surgeon and Periodontologist

    Face and Smile Design


      Dental Examination

      We provide services for the detection of your discomfort and possible solution treatments.

      Implant Treatment

      We provide lifetime guaranteed implant treatment for missing teeth.

      Decayed Tooth Treatment

      Our filling treatments for decayed teeth are based on years.

      Broken Tooth Treatment

      We make aesthetic coatings for broken teeth and in the same color as your own teeth.

      Periodic Dental Care

      We provide regular maintenance services for healthy and white teeth.

      Orthodontic Treatment

      We offer orthodontic treatments for crooked, congenitally misaligned teeth.

      Tooth extraction

      We remove your wisdom teeth or teeth that need to be extracted painlessly and quickly. We also treat after shooting.

      Hygienic Appliances and Environment

      All our operations are performed in our disinfected clinic and with hygienic instruments.

      First Hygiene, Then Treatment!

      Our Priorities

      As Esra Bozbay, we make hygienic checks before starting every work in accordance with my personal operations and F&S Clinic standards, of which I am a founding partner. Hygiene is our top priority. Next, my and my clinic's priorities are:

      Perfect Inspection

      Our examinations and treatment studies are at the highest level. There is no upper limit to perfectionism, so we strive to make our exams perfect.

      F&S Clinic Standards

      Our personal and clinical operations are within the framework of F&S Clinical standards. Hygiene, health, beautiful smile and happy face.

      Carefully Planned Treatment

      We make great efforts to achieve the best results for your treatment. We never resort to easy solutions.

      Wide Treatment Coverage

      Our treatments are comprehensive, treating any ailment in the facial area. We have various treatments under our face, mouth, teeth and lip concepts and these concepts.

      Make an AppoIntment

      If you have pain and want to get information about your dental and oral health, you can contact us online and make an appointment. You can send us a message to make an appointment.

        Our Treatment Portfolio

        Dental Implant

        Implant in One Day


        Lip Repositioning

        Lower Face Transformation

        No Prep E Max Veneers

        Crown Lengthening

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