All on Four Implant Concept

All on Four Implant Concept | All-on four, also known as fast&fixed technique

In this method, 2 implants are placed in parallel in the anterior part of the jaws, while 2 implants in the posterior regions are placed at an angle to the back to support a temporary, fixed and immediately loaded prosthesis.

In this way, prosthesis can be applied up to 12 teeth by increasing the chewing efficiency in the implant application made with this system.

So, is it a problem if the implants are angled or tilted? The implants and implant spacers applied in this system are designed differently from the traditional implant application.

Even if the loads and forces that the implants can carry in the physical sense are to a large extent, thanks to the angled implants, this load is designed to be able to be carried and withstand the chewing forces.

I exemplify this situation as follows. The table on a flat, parallel table or coffee table can reach as far as the last leg. If it is on a stand with angled legs, a table with larger sides can be placed and can carry the forces on it. Thus, a solution can be provided with fewer feet, that is, fewer implants.

Studies show that the most common cause of infections around the implant, which we call ‘Periimplantitis’, over time is the cement residue used to stick the prosthesis, that is, the adhesive material can go under the gums over time and cause implant loss.

In the all-on-four or fast and fixed system, the prostheses are fixed with a screwing system without sticking. In this way, there is no risk of odor or infection by adhesive residues. In addition, we can provide the annual maintenance of the prosthesis by removing the small screws, cleaning and polishing in 30 minutes.

Again, when we want the teeth on the implants to be changed or removed in the future, we can easily remove the dentures from the screws without the need for cutting them.

This method, which I frequently apply to my patients, is one of the implant treatment methods I prefer because of the high comfort and satisfaction of my patients.

With this method, angled implants can be made to the posterior regions, especially in people with bone loss in the posterior regions of the jaws or drooping maxillary sinuses. Thus, you can leave our clinic with your aesthetic-looking temporary fixed teeth on the same day without the need for extra surgical procedures such as sinus elevation and bone grafting.

You may want to have new teeth replaced by age, genetic factors, caries, gum diseases and many reasons that you have lost or will lose, but you may not want to be toothless for a long time and have long-term procedures.

With today’s technology, even if you don’t have any teeth, you have teeth to be extracted and bone resorption; Tooth extractions and implants can be done on the same day and you can have temporary fixed teeth with aesthetic appearance on the same day.

In the classical method, which has been widely used since the past, patients had to wait for a long time without teeth due to the implant treatments applied. Sometimes this could take 3 months, sometimes up to 9 months. Sometimes this was due to the healing of the extraction wounds, sometimes the patient’s bone structure was not suitable and required extra surgical procedures.

Today, by applying implants that can vary between 4 and 6 implants in each jaw with all-on-four or fast&fixed technology, we can make temporary teeth that are fixed on these implants with small screws on the same day without making our patients wait without teeth.

All-on four or fast&fixed technique means ‘all in one’ or ‘fast and fixed’ in Turkish. It was developed by Dr Paolo Malo, which has been practiced since the 1990s.

This application is a treatment based on fixation of the prosthesis with a total of 4-6 implants, applied to patients who cannot use prostheses due to excessive bone loss.

In this treatment, which has very successful clinical results for edentulous patients or patients at risk of losing their teeth, the person starts using temporary fixed prostheses on the same day. After approximately 2.5 months, these temporary teeth are removed from their screws, a new impression is taken and permanent aesthetic teeth are attached.

The “all-on-four” or “fast&fixed” treatment concept is a treatment designed to maximize the use of remaining bone in edentulous jaws, allow immediate function, reduce treatment costs, and increase patient comfort.

It has been developed to avoid extra surgical applications such as bone powder applications, sinus lift operations, as well as complications and prolongation of the process specific to these applications.