Crown Lengthening

We prefer it for patients who have too much gums on the upper teeth while smiling. During the examination that the gums cover the teeth too much, we determine where the line separating the enamel part of the teeth from the root part is and decide whether you are suitable for the procedure. In some people, the cases where the teeth, which we call passive eruption, are overly covered by the gums, not only can cause aesthetic problems, but also cause gum disease by creating pockets. This procedure is also preferred for people whose gingival alignments are incompatible according to gingival aesthetic criteria and who have an asymmetrical tooth appearance. This procedure is done under local anesthesia. Thanks to the anesthesia, there is no pain during the operation. Post-operative recovery is fast, it returns to normal after 1 week. After the procedure, it is recommended not to eat hot, not to consume spicy or bitter, and to use drugs regularly.

Crown lengthening is a permanent procedure, the gums cannot grow back. This process can be done by various methods. Scalpel, electrocautery and laser are the main methods. In our clinic, we use these three techniques according to the characteristics of the case.