Face & Smile Design
We no longer focus on one’s teeth alone!

In face and smile design, we no longer focus on a person’s teeth alone. With the new generation technologies, we make personalized face and smile designs at the point where dentistry has reached the world. In this concept; We focus on the person’s facial proportions, lower-upper jaw relationships, skeletal and soft tissue support and tissues around the lips. We take digital photos and videos before treatment and planning. We look at criteria such as the person’s face proportions, lip position and thickness, lip support of the teeth, gingival visibility, the distance between the lip and the nose, whether the chin is forward or behind, the ratio of the lower face height to the whole face, skin color. In order to optimize the data we collect, we create a personalized treatment plan in computer environment by using the golden ratio data.

The smile design planned in the digital environment embodies the aesthetic results imagined by the physician and the patient, while ensuring the professional progress of the process, while minimizing the margin of error.