Gingival Recession

Gingival recessions can occur both around natural teeth and around implants. Depending on this, aesthetic problems such as tooth sensitivities, loosening of the teeth, the appearance of the root surface of the tooth or the reflection of the gray color of the implant may occur. Gingival recessions; It can be caused by many reasons such as gum disease, wrong tooth brushing, thin gingival structure.

Gingival recessions due to gingivitis are mostly accompanied by bone loss around the teeth, and it is possible to restore the lost tissues in these gingival recessions in limited situations.

In some cases, it is possible to completely reverse gingival recessions. It is possible to restore gingival recessions, which have occurred due to long frenulum attachments or due to reasons such as faulty tooth brushing, thin or structurally missing gingiva, together with gingival operations. We can restore missing or lost gums with very delicate periodontal plastic surgery procedures such as subepithelial connective tissue operation, free gingival graft operation.