Lip Lifting


Lip lift surgery, also known as upper lip shortening, is applied to patients who are not satisfied with the length of the upper lip area and whose teeth are not visible enough while smiling. While the young lip is short, smooth and voluminous; aging lips are longer, curveless and voluminous. The lip lift procedure is the vertical shortening of the lip for a more aesthetic appearance and a higher upper incisor appearance. When the vermilion part of the lips (red part) is less visible, the upper lip appears short and the lip-nose distance appears longer. The long distance between the nose and lips causes an aged appearance. In this process, the upper lip refers to the area between the base of the columella (middle column of the nose) and the reddish-pink place of the lip. However, this range may vary according to the facial features and size of the person’s face. In lip lifting surgery, we aim to create an angel wing effect on the lips by reducing the distance in this area of ​​the person.

There are many people who are worried about whether there will be a scar under the nose in this procedure. This situation varies as to where the incisions made in this surgery are made. Researchers dealing with this issue recently tried several methods. Some of these methods are; It is to make elliptical incisions from the wings of the nose or to prevent scarring with incisions through the nose. Angel wing-shaped excisions, which have been used recently for lip lifting in our clinic, are made in such a way that they remain inside the nose and there is no visible scar on the face.