Periodontal Treatments

Periodontal disease is an inflammatory disease that affects the gums, the roots of the teeth, and the surrounding jawbones. If you have sensitive, swollen, red, bleeding gums that do not go away for a while and accompanying tooth sensitivity, teeth wobble and bad breath, you may have an infection in your gums. When this infection is not treated; In addition to causing tooth loss, research has shown that it is a risk factor for the development of heart attack, stroke, diabetes, respiratory diseases and the birth of premature or low birth weight babies.

In the treatment of gingival disease, it is necessary to measure the depth of the pockets formed between the tooth and the gingiva by means of a special instrument (periodontal probe). Diagnosis is made and treatment is planned according to the amount and depth of these pockets. Since deep pockets will prepare a suitable environment for the rapid progression of gingival disease, the aim of the treatment is to make them as shallow as possible. Because it is impossible for you to completely clean the microorganisms that settle in the deep pockets by brushing and using dental floss.

Gum treatment is aimed at eliminating infections. Thus, after the treatment, light pink colored, tight and healthy gums are formed. Bone resorption, gingival bleeding stops. Let’s not forget that the oral care of the person is the most important success factor in order to prevent the gums from getting sick again.