Pink Aesthetics

White and aesthetic teeth alone are not enough for a beautiful smile. The healthy, aesthetic and visible gingival part completes the smile. Sometimes the gums are too visible, and sometimes the gums are pulled and the root surfaces are exposed, causing health and aesthetic problems. In pink aesthetics; We evaluate the appearance of teeth and gums, which we call Hollywood Smile, in 3D.

According to the needs of the person, we perform operations such as aligning the beginning of the gums, eliminating their asymmetries, restoring the extracted gum losses, positioning the lip or shortening the nose-lip distance. We complete these procedures with laser, electrocautery and minimal surgical interventions. Thus, we create a more aesthetic and healthy pink aesthetic area for the person. In this concept, a holistic smile is provided by considering the aesthetic ratios of the person’s teeth, gums, lips, smile and jaw.