Root Canal Treatment (Endodontic Treatment)

If the decay in the tooth is not treated in time, the infection occurs in the pulp layer of the tooth, which consists of the vein and nerve package. In such a case, the decayed tissues and infected pulp must be removed from the tooth. In another example, if the tooth is broken and the pulp is exposed as a result of trauma, the treatment option is root canal treatment. If the treatment is delayed in cases where root canal treatment is required, the infection spreads from the root of the teeth to the jawbone and causes abscess foci to form in the jawbone. Throbbing pains that start spontaneously and do not last for a long time, are exacerbated by heat, relieved by cold, and wake up at night, are a sign that a root canal treatment should be performed.

This treatment, performed under local anesthesia, is painless. Root canals and damaged tissues in the tooth are cleaned and filled with special filling materials. Depending on the infection status of the tooth, the treatment can be completed in one session with a session of approximately 60-90 minutes, or it may need to be completed in more than one session.

It is normal to have mild pain for a few days following root canal treatment. These pains can be controlled with over-the-counter pain relievers.