Sialorea and Salivary Disorders

Sialorrhoea, or increased salivation, can occur for a variety of reasons and can have significant adverse effects on health and quality of life. Current treatment options for sialorrhea are oral motor therapy, behavioral therapies, orthodontic treatment; medical treatments such as anticholinergics, radiotherapy, botulinum toxin injection, and surgical treatments.

Botox application in this disorder is a good treatment option because surgical procedures are avoided. We provide treatment by injecting Botox into the Parotid and Submandibular glands, which control the flow and production of saliva in such ailments. Studies show that botox applied causes a significant decrease in salivary flow observed in 4 weeks in patients. It was found that 3-month repeat injections applied to these patients improved the results.

We also use botox injection in the treatment of gustatory hyperhidrosis (Frey’s Syndrome). Briefly; We frequently apply Botox for the aforementioned disorders in the salivary glands because it is an extremely easy, effective and reliable treatment.